GPF Lewis invested in Procore's construction software with an aim to improve accurately and efficiently across the business. The platform will enable our teams to capture critical project data and share this information with our clients, subcontractors, project team as well as design and engineering partners. The systems wil be used to track drawings, documents, submittals, RFIs, photos, meeting minutes, snag lists, among a number of other functions.

Since Procore is cloud-based, we will be able to access the program from any place with an internet connection but also offers offline functionality when a connection is not available. Its app features will also enhance the program's mobility, making it easy for our construciton managers and field staff to upload information in real time.

"Recognising the need to continually invest in our infrastructure to support our growth plans, we commissioned research into Construction Management solutions that not only addressed concerns we had for today but also where we beleived the solution would remain ahead of the curve and help to push us forward. Procore fit our vision perfectly and in the end the decision was simple and we look forward to the advantages their software will bring."  Joe Ringart, Construction Managing Director